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Saturday, August 25, 2012


A girl born on 8 October 1994.

My early 18th birthday present from dad ♥

My favorite Black Watch.
because BLACK is always can match with any colour.

Transparent at the back.:)
My dream watch but i can't afford to buy myself. Finally I GET U BABY !

love him sooooooooo much ♥

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shogun japanese buffet @ one utama

I went for Shogun japanese buffet  @ one utama last Saturday night.

Ika Maru Yaki
I miss it so much. yummy yummy.
The taste like BBQ + sotong ~

sharkfin soap :)))
It's chinese name is : YUCI TONG.

create by my mum ==''

There 're alot of type of Sashimi  ;))))
Salmon Sashimi is the best choice i DID !

The perfect match.

There're alot of small piece cakes.
Although it's not from Haagen dazs or BR. But, the taste is nice. :)

The price i checked on the website is RM 60++
But , the staff say today is Public holiday, so.....Rm80++ per pax.

Quite expensive actually. Thanks for my uncle. :)
Sometimes it have promotions 50% . i saw at Groupon there.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I was super duple triple busy from the day i start my college life at TARC .
Everyday just study study and study !

Messy table with a lot of paper .
I get a  Fred Perry tote bag . Don't think it's small. It can fill up with a lot of books. 
But don't take it when raining heavily. U will regret ! hehe :))))

Just smile.
Don't give yourselves too much of stress. I told myself.
Lastly, i get 5A1B for first sem of my coursework. It's worth !!!

Super delicious . Enjoy tea-time with my parents every Sunday :)
The shop located at  Nyonya @ One U Old Wing

Last 2 week ago , Dating with my boyfriend. 

Carbonara . Super tasty !
Pizza San Fransisco @ KL Festival City

Every Monday , there have a promotion that every Pasta have 50% discount .

instagram :  @gracethor

Hometown steamboat  @ Bandar Menjalara , kepong.
The new branch. The main branch located at Genting Klang , setapak .

The pork piece is super nice ! 
Just put into the pot for few second, don't put too long, remember . :))

I feel super hungry after introduce those foods ==''
It's TIME have a brunch . 

Thanks for viewing :)
Tomorrow have a surprise for you guys, STAY TUNED !