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Saturday, November 6, 2010

i ♥ shopping !!

 i can't use my 'hanyu pinyin'


i waked up in the early morning.
 i went to shopping with my piggy sister.

we reached there 1pm,then start buying. =)
first station : Nichii
i was waiting for my piggy sister. 

looking at the fitting room. 
look like a soh poh.=.=

Next , we went to many shops and bought many clothes.

Suddenly , my piggy sister felt hungry. 
she said : Let's go BBQ.
me : Can i say don't want? =.=

My piggy sister treat me . 
o.0  i feel good...Dala Dala Dala Da.

 After lunch, continued our 'trip'.
5pm , sweet sweet home.

Yesterday spend many money ! @@


we went to 1U. for what?
Shopping again ...
YUP, we are ''bai ga lui''. X)
i didn't make up .@@
because evening i need to go for tuition.

today look.

forever 21
 my leg so LONG .
haha .=.=
 Don't why , i love to wear casual cloth recently.
because SIMPLE is the best. =)
 But i love my flower dresses too.


i know i am so SAKAI .

♥  shopping.

To be Continue.....
i hang out just now.
Jusco,i saw miao&7
Village mall, i saw elaine


coffee yan -i am not leng luii larrr. =)
χιιασ Ƴɛɛ ♥ - hahahahaha too X)))
vivian - you went to which cinema ? =)
Poh Lin - mui mui, i am big sister ! =)
xiaoqing - ya, she damn leng luiii, no lor, they are friends not fans =)

ıм. Yee- i will link you too, where your link?=)
snowybebe93 - welcome =)
xııaoиєє ♥ -SURE ! sorry for my late reply =)
♥荔 - =D
Winnie -why ??=)

crystal ♥ - this movie nice =)
bii ying- no , i am not pretty.=)
jυxυαи__.[♥] - hello, welcome,come again =)
lynn ng- sure ! =)
boubuii_deena♥ - got la TT

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