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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review: Horien Eye Secret (Monthly- 6 colours)

Finally  I have been tried all the monthly contact lens from Horien Eye Secret. 

There is 6 colors in total :
Black, Brown, Gray, Coco, Purple,  Blue 

Know more about Horien Eye Secret: 
Material: Polymacon (Soft contact)
(Soft lenses tend to be more comfortable because they hold more water. )
Water Content: 38%
BC: 8.6mm
DIA: 14.0mm
Power: 0.00, -1.00 ~ -10.00

Colour Coco
Suitable for brighter-hair color person. It look natural with my hair color 
(when my hair color was in bright colour). 
Kindly remind, it must be use with brown color eyebrow pen, if not it could be kinda awkward. 

Colour Brown

What is the difference between Brown and Coco ? 
Brown color look darker and Coco look brighter. 

Brown color suitable for user with dark-brown color to match. 
It is the closest color with our eyeballs. It look larger but color not much different. 

Colour Black

The most classic among all color. Best-choice for non/ light make up users. 
It helps your eyes look brighter and seem like there is thin eyeliner on your eyes. 
I will suggest this color for the first-time user, it could look not big different but brighter and bigger. 

Colour Gray

It is distinctive color. I thought it would be weird. Out of my expectation , I love this color. 
my college's friends argue with me that it was BLUE. hahaha. i repeated thousand times, it is GRAY.
After wearing for one whole month, i realize that it could look brighter under the sun and darker in the  in-door.

After wearing contact lens for so many years, i strongly suggest grey is a MUST-TRY color. 
In stead of  wearing brown and black, we should try out some amazing color. 

Colour  Blue

The blue color mix with some black on the contact lens. 
So, it will not look so exaggerate (夸张).
It helps your eyes look brighter. 

I keep the blue as the last pair of contact lens among all colors.
 I never go for blue since I start to wear contact lens. NEVER EVER. 
I was afraid to try out the blue color. I do not want to be AVATAR. :(

like this: ------>

But i was wrong . I am addicted to blur color now.  :D

After tried all the contact lens:

I have experienced of wearing contact lens since i was 13.
After tried so many brands, I will give 98% for Horien Eye Secret for this series.
 It is comfortable , hydrating, nice colours, size fit to eyeball.
No symptom of  sensitive from Horien contact lens for these few months.
Does not feel dry after wearing for few hours. Worth to try it ! 

Buy it now at their official website / trustable optic store :

Strong suggest for : 

N&D Gallery 

16 Block F, Vista Magna, Jalan Prima 1, Metro Prima, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone : 03-6259 9828

(Located at Kepong, Kuala Lumpur)
*Near by Kepong Jusco

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  1. Thanks for the details reviews live model speak louder than poster.