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Friday, October 15, 2010

wedding dress ♥

(piano version)

i uploaded on my PAGE.

i am waiting for  ur '' hi ''  X)


Final exam  start on MONDAY !! *god bless me
I 'll seldom update my blog from this moment.

forgive me , friends........

chat box 
coffee yan - 哈哈,怎樣看得出?
xiaoqing - not famous larr. yalor..feel so disgusting. X)
ii'm Cyeng - OK. i will wait for ur next comment =)
Xuan-   not leng luii lar ^^ u more.

stupid person-你也可以的啊=)
♥ XiiaoS - not leng luii lar. i am pork chop =)
miner - not leng lar ^^
MY -你也這樣覺得叻....X)
xiaohui -他很著急我的啦,有時有點過度羅...

哭包- not leng luii lar. ^^
mochaa -nvm la. everythings will be fine , u and him will hang fuk gehh=)
crystal ♥ -祝你有個好成績! 我也想念你,很久沒留言.=)
愛麗絲 -我好感動喔=)
shandy- sure.=)

i 'll be back !

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