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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mon & Tues


Somethings happened in the midnight.
i slept 1hour only , OMG!

I went to school with my panda eyes . @@

chemistry experiment.

the sucker =.=

stupid play play @@

Do you think i am PRO?

you are WRONG ! @@



Class Trip
we went to The One academy.

we were LATE.
After introduction of the one, the staff asked us to paint a white stone.

My stone
kindergarten level. ><''

i used 15minute.
kyeness used 5minute

kye's dinosaurs.

our stone @@


Mr Quiz said he saw me , but i didn't saw him @@

oh yea. 
  I want introduce my ham ham babies to you.

Left @ fatty
Right @ slim  

Maybe they were scared .
they stuck there for few hours and don't want come down :'(

 after 5hours.....
Finally , one of them came down !

They are my babies.
 i LOVE them.

Dunno why....
A layer of fog appear between me and my friends.

Even they changed the plan , I totally dunno.
It's my problem ? maybe....

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