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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Full house @ Giza Sunway

Didn't make up that day  . waste xD

Last Friday , went to Kota Damansara after tuition .
reach Full House @Giza sunway about 10pm @@
quite a nice cafe :)

Special Menu . It look like a magazine . :)

  Almond mushroom  soup. NICE ! :)

A farewell from her. Frenis Chong . My brother's girlfriend.
 We called her : Little baby
That was the last night she at Malaysia. Now , she at UK 

Full house. 
Tiffany xD

me :)
the things i holding look like my dear. hahhha

 Second  round.
Snow Flake @ Kota Damansara
we reach there already 12am :)

Sweet sweet home after snow flake ! tired.

click this. Thanks alot . =]

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