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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm back :)))

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Hiii , how are u ? Can u hear me ? :)
Do u miss me or...... my post .

College life is super super busy everyday . I getting to be crazy . STRESS.
coursework , assignment ,presentation , test are NON-STOP everyweek .
Now, I tot I had been  finished everything but FINAL EXAM going to the corner. Agrhh.....

my aunty look.

I was joined the invitation of our Prime Minister.
A lot of facebookers scolded who wearing the ''red t- shirt'' on that day.

Firstly , I don't think we did wrong .
 Anythings wrong when wearing School Uniform to invite our prime minister to visit our college ?

Lastly , I don't understand why they scold us 'SHAME OF CHINESE' ?
attendance was taken on that day. if we skip the invitation , consider absent.
more than 2 times absents , will directly kick out from the college. :)

Cut my ghostly long hair. :)
Am I younger with this hairstyle ? suitable for me or not ? drop a comment ? 

Besides that , I get my P- lisence. Finally . !!!!!!!

The first car i drove after get my lisence - CRV
Drove the fatty car with fatty mummy. hehhe.

My mum told me that I am super horrible driver.
Don't even break when turning.

She told me : I dont even know how u get your lisence?
u hurt me , baby :(

I am a stupid driver . I admit it !
But i will try my best to do the best driver ! trust me
( but... need take some time as well. hehehe. )

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  1. Your new hairstyle suite you :) it make you look more younger :D