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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A true story.

Dad bought me a GUESS watch as my birthday present . 
But unfortunately  it stop function after 2weeks . 
Of course I bring it back to the GUESS SHOP located at 1U.

The staff told me that they need take 5-6month send to service centre for repair.
5-6month ! I was stunned.  
after that , the staff told me  : Miss, Maybe you can take your watch to private watch shop , change the battery , that only cost RM 10 and you don't need to wait for half year.

OKAY, I went for a private watch shop and ask for change battery.
The boss told me that IF he change the watch's battery, if he open the watch , 

Can you imagine how smart is the GUESS STAFF?
Treat me like a stupid ! change battery ! RM 10!

I went back to the GUESS shop , the staff still told me the same things : 5-6 MONTH !
I started to get angry.............
I told the staff :   I bought it within 1 month , out of function . You tell me that I need to wait half year for repair. Cheat me to change battery so that GUESS no need take any responsibility for my watch , right ? I pay for few hundred riggit to get this ? 

After that , she still talking with me with a lot of bull shit , that she has no choice, that's rule..
.blah , blah , blah...........
I asked her : Can I talked to your manager ?

 She told me she don't have any manager , bring me a ''upline''.
I told the ''upline'' : Don't tell me 5 month , 6 month , change battery or anything else. PLEASE.
I need an explanation ,  take well responsibility for my watch.  Thanks you.

After that , the 'upline' calling someone....
The ''upline'' pass the phone to me answer. 

IN the call: 
A woman voice told me that she is GUESS 's manager, She say she feel so sorry for my case.
She promised that GUESS will repair the watch within 2 week.

CONCLUSION : If i didn't complain , maybe I really need to wait for 6 month ?
 As a customer , Don't always ''never mind'' , ''it's okay''
we should be smart. There is 'Customer 's Right' in Malaysia.

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