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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Melacca 3D2N

 I went Malacca with my collegemates for 3Days 2Nights.
I being a little tourist guide of this trip. This is the 3rd times i come here in a year !
First time with my secondary school best friends.
Second time with my family.
Third time with my collegemates. 

Besides, My phone also was the navigation guide for these 3 days.
WAZE is the amazing navi application ever ! 
No worry , i have 4GB of data . Just use it, i am wiling to .

5 cars heading to Malacca. 17 persons.

 MUST TRY 1ST : Coconut milk shake 

Address:  Jalan Klebang Besar, 75200 Melaka
Opening hours:  12.30pm-6.30pm daily 

jeng ! the special combination of Vanilla ice-cream with coconut milk shake. 

After that , we check in to the condominium we were booked.

DAY 1 

MUST TRY 2ND : Chicken Rice Ball
This is the most famous at Jonker Street .
"Chung Hua Hainanese Chicken Rice"

after that , we walked around JONKER STREET . 

We are from DEM 3 ! YEAH ! 

Must try 3rd : Jonker 88 cendol

 The gula melacca ,super jeng !

Must try 4th :  One Bite Durian Puff 
Durian Puff with durian coffee 

19 years, finally i know what they called 入口即溶, 毕生难忘! 

Last time, i feel that durian coffee is disgusting. 
What a weird combination of coffee and durian ?
After I tried , i realize that i am wrong. Durian coffee not bad wor. must try !

 After that , we went back the condo. 
Everyone waiting for the bathrooms. 

I was super super hungry on that night.
I wait for them more than 3 hours , because i am the first who bath. 
Finally i know what the feeling of  ''胃穿洞''.  hhahahhahahahhaha.

Almost 11pm,  we just search the nearest restaurant to settle down our dinner. 
Dinner of the day : chicken pasta with mushroom sup and ice lemon tea.

After dinner we went back condo , chat around , play around. 
I also dunno when i fall in sleep.
When i awake on the next day , my friend asked me: grace, u wan eat roti canai ar?
I get shocked  (How you know ?)

They told me , i suddenly tell them in the midnight and i was fall in sleep as well.
LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAY 2 : Please called me CHOK Grace , thank you !

 CHOK leh ?

My best friend: ZOEY

Another chicken rice shop: 旺旺
not bad, but the Chung Hua Hainanese Chicken Rice is better than this. 

Must Try 5th:  Satay Celup 
Actually we want go CAPITOL , but it was CLOSED on monday :(
The second choice, BAN LEE SIANG
 CAPITOL is better than this, it was just too spicy for me.

Must Try 6th:  Durian cendol 

Must Try 7th:  NADEJE

The best Melaka Mille Crepe , JENG !

 We tried few flavors such as double chocolate , mango , greentea. 
We missed out the tiramisu :(

The 3rd/ Last DAY 

Have a memorable trip with u guys. 
Thanks for caring and loves. 

I AM SO HUNGRY now ! :(

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