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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The First Anniversary

Jason and Grace

He is Jason. My cute little boyfriend. 
He is not my classmate , not my course-mate but we are from the same uni. 
He is elder than me 3 years and he was graduated in IT.

The First Anniversary
It isn't a easy to maintain a relationship. We have been go through a lot in the one whole year. Argument, disagreement, conflicts.....

But he never show his temper on me...........

Thanks for being there all the time. 
He is always be there for me, no matter i needed him or not.
The best love quote not "Baby, I love you"  and it is ""No worry, I'll be there"

When everyone think that I am superwoman, top student, intelligence, I was so stressful from the deepest in my heart. He is the one who understand me the most, he always lend me a hand when i need helps.  He helped to check and help me to do my assignments, stay at home for the whole day to facing the assignments even tough he was tired. He told me: "baby girl, I know no one will help me if I don't do so, so no worry I will settle for you." I was so touched and cried. The feeling when everyone think that you are SUPERMAN but you are not and there is a REAL SUPERMAN to save you. 

He make me brave. I had a messy teeth and scared to wear brace. It isn't easy to face the challenges of extract teeth, wearing the brace for 2 years,  unable to bite...... Firstly, he was objected me to wear brace. After that he fully support me to do what I wanted. He accompany me to extract teeth, hold my hand tightly to ask me to be calmed (but actually he was even nervous than me). He was accompany for the whole day after extraction. Every month treatment is terrible, it was so freaking painful when u unable to bite anything. He was so patient to cut off every single piece of foods. (He is doing the same until now). He comfort me and say "No worry baby girl, you will pass through these ". 

He brought me for vacations. We had few short-vacation in a year. I am super duple triple busy person. I am Hello Kitty fans since I was kid, what a "old fans"! haha. We went to Johor. Hello Kitty Land is the most funniest part ! Can you imagine when a giant guy (187cm, 24 y.o) tell his colleagues and family that "I am going Hello Kitty Land". He don't care how others look at him, he told me :"So what, I am so proud bring my baby go Hello Kitty Land".

You are so sweet. Love you kay? 

I have spine problems. It was a terrible nightmare for me. It was so painful that unable to endure, I cried in the unlimited nights. Sometimes, the pain come suddenly and I was unable to drive home. He drove my car and send me home, feed me medicine, apply medicines,  watch me sleep and take care me for the whole night. I was awake at midnight because of the painfulness.He say nothing and hug me tightly until the painfulness gone. He bought plenty of "Salon Pas", put beside my bed, my bag, my car, and even his bag. Every-time I went to hospital, he will bought me plenty of sweeties to make me happy.

I had pimples problem. My skin condition was really bad. I have no confident on myself. But he is always encourage me to have confident on myself. He told me I am beautiful without make up. I went for Skin Specialist, it turn much more better now. He does not care even I cannot make up during dating. The beginning of the treatment is horrible, my skin start to "peeling", it was so itchy and he told me it will be fine. He still love me with my ugliest looks.  He never "xian qi" me. 

Romantic Moments. He brought me to many romantic restaurants to celebrate the special dates. He planned everything perfectly to give me memorable moments (He is good planner). The memorable 21st birthday, he bought me Microsoft Surface for me because he wishes I have a lighter laptop to college. He surprised me in his car boot, there are many many balloons in the boot and there are 2 Pandora charms hidden ! Every-time we go shopping, he will never ever bring me to PANDORA, he will walk another way when he saw the shop (avoid me to buy). He promised: "I will never buy Pandora for you, It is so meaningless to present this kind of gifts". Lastly, he still bought me and he told me "As long you are happy, I will buy everything for you. ". The touchiest moment is not what he bought but what he did, the "xin xi". 

The saddest moment of the year. My grandpa was pass-away. It was really so sudden for me. I feel unacceptable and I did not believe it was true. I hate myself why I was so busy for my assignments? I will never forgive myself that I missed the last dinner with him. He was gone, forever gone, never come back .... Jason visited my grandparents before the month my grandpa passed away. My grandpa like him so much, he told me: "Kwan, next time you come out and work, buy a house with Jason, pay the installment with him together,  ok?" . When i was busy for assignments and did not back hometown,  grandpa said: "Ah Kwan alone at KL, but I no worry, Jason is there to take care her "

Jason attended my grandpa funeral. He hug me tightly and accompany me in the funeral. He used tissue to dry my tears, feed me water, hold me and stay with me ....
(Uncontrollable emotion...)

I think I will stop here.
What he did for my is uncountable.....I unable to write everything but it recorded in my heart.

No matter what happens, he will always be there to give me the fully support.
Thank you for being such an amazing boyfriend for me.
Happy Anniversary, I LOVE YOU.

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  1. it take all our knowledge and our life time to learn how to maintain a good relationship be it couple love or parenting love, u all have a long long way to go, the lesson had just begin
    regards Daniel
    p/s Happy Anniversary