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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shopping day

say ' hi ' to me =)


I went to school that day!
my school gt new principal. 
wow..her hair red colour one. 

they called her 'hong mou ' X)

National Day performance
very funny. the cute pink colour myvvi.

Tuition.we skip a lesson .
then , we went to tuition 's studio there. 

start our GIRL's TALK .

shhhh. =X
cannot sound it out !

enjoy our hi-tea at the same time. X)
 two 'Sor Poh ' X)))

we skip one lesson only.
we gt went for next lesson _ chemistry .

 teacher said about soap.
he said what what what chemical to make soap.

Then ,

me : SUP wor.
sup also gt chemical ar ?????????
i not dare to drink next time.

teacher : u drink soap ?!
  me : yala mum everyday make for me.

teacher : izit bitter?
me : sometimes.

whole class laugh  laugh laugh....
after explain .

Finally i know. 
that's soap not SUP !

 my mum make for me everyday !


merdeka ! merdeka ! merdeka !
happy National Day.=)

i wake up. i look at my phone. 8.01am.
i walked to toilet and then look at the miror.

few minutes later......

i walked back to my room. continue sleep 
  i also dun know what wrong with me.


* without edit.

my phone 's camera very NICE.
Sony Ericsson W750i  *pink

 National Day 
LDP no need  pay tolls!  

So, we went to PJ .X)

Kota Damansara
there gt many butik and restorant .  

 why we will go there.? because of these butik !

actually i gt 20++ butik to show. 
BUT, my line very SLOW.

So............i give up.

i want buy a dress for my cousin wedding .
i will be the bridesmaid. =D

i love this dress very much
but the price is too expansive for me.

RM xxx .99

the boss said . not everyone can handle this dress.
i'm the first one.

she said her daughter thin like me
her daughter also can wear it but too pine.
and me 'gam gam hou'

shy *  X)

then , she take many dress to me try.
she said. : 'i love ur figure, all dresses also can handle!'
but fat abit will look nicer.  =(

Then , she straight away give me 30% discount.
so, i bought it. =)

thanks the boss.


we went to GIZA sunway .
but not sunway pyramid . 
this one at Kota dammansara there.

i played a white Grand piano.
damn NICE !

we went to The Curve & Ikano .

 i wanted to but this shirt.
''addicted to bad boys.''
no S size, smallest M.

 so, i didn't buy it.
 because i know when i wear it will become 'AH SHAM'

 this nichii. so BIG ! X)
 big until we cant find the fitting room .

i'm really look like 'AH SHAM'

after that , back home

night, we went to Taman Ehsan.
not too far only. 4km +

But, we get lost at there. X)
my dad lor, so stupid . 

u know what the thing he did is most stupid ?
answer: GROW ME UP !


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