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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011...... ♥


Chinese ...chinese ... chinese , my blog full of CHINESE
Sorry ,  my banana redears .  i ignore yousss . :(

she is my elder sister (:
She gave me a cup of warm water after i vomit in the midnight. Touched .

Huii Qii @ facebook 

i 'll sitting for SPM on 2011.

They say SPM is the turning point of our life.
my dad knows i don't like to spend my times for the books.  
he said if i have 5A (no matter which subject) , he will buy me a GUCCI.

5A is not easy to get for me ....... Although I have 10 subjects.
Chemistry , Physics , Addmath and  History ..
These subjects impossibble i will get A , i am SURE !!!
but ......Dad, don't worry ! I will fight for my SPM !!!!! hahhha

In fact , without gucci i will fight for my SPM too .
Gambatik ! :D

I miss my best friend_____Elaine Ng.

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