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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Happy Weekend.

 My baby bag.

Saturday night
rock in Kye's house.They were CRAZY ! xD

The next day.
 Our breakfast_____Mc Donald !

When you spend RM5 or above at Mc Donald , you will get 2 FREE breakfast.
with voucher.
click here and print:  Mc FREE voucher

We went to 1U again.
  i heard : Andy ! Andy ! Andy  ! 

where ? where? where? 
 I can't even see the stage .LOL =.=''

 then we up to the second floor and finally found him !
wow...his hair so SHINY.
After that, we start to shopping.

We were getting hungry.

BBZ plaza @ 1U new wing

My favorite drink _______Rebina Lemon

This is PORK but i prefer BEEF :(

That's my weekend, simple but HAPPY :)

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