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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Garage 51

Garage 51  located at Bandar Sunway , 

51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway
  • 46150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

No...... I am not doing assignment. Actually, I was completed 2 assignments within a week. 
I am the typical student - ALWAYS LAST MINUTE

come back to the topic. 
It was my best friend's advance birthday celebration. 
I was Fong Fei Gei for 100000times . 
They are so surprised, finally six of us can meet each other to have a dinner. 

My best jimuis in secondary school ! 
I miss the old times. :(

Happy Birthday , dear alyssa . :) 
(her actual birthday was past 1000 years ago)

I forget what is the taste.  so far so good lor. 
But, seriously i am hungry now.........

chocolate ice.
chocolut ~ chocolut~ yum yum .

I don't like to drink coffee at night. I scare I can't sleep at all. 
After that , i realize that I was wrong. I should order coffee. 

why ?

Because we went SING K until 2am. reach home at 3am. 
Seriously, the room was tooo BIGGGG. there are too much place for six of us. 

I miss you girls :( 

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