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Saturday, October 9, 2010

my birthday celebration ♥ (2)


first , i want say ''THANKS YOU'' to my buddies. =D

miao , miao hub, liiming ,liiming hub ,meiqii , mayen , micol, rick ,
kit liang ,ah bao, low ooi sun , alvin soh , long fan shu.....etc

thanks for attending my birthday celebration on 02 oct 2010

sofea, meikei, yoke jing , ying hong, zhong lin ,yun kee, tan jia chyi !!! 
wilson, kye siang , jia yi , gang yang, kelvin , yik ming , sum yew, poon kenn, 
bryan teh, bryan kwok, brandon , ho wei jun , wei lun, nyaik thian , jun sheng . =D

THANKS for atteding my birthday celebration on 08 oct 2010

because of  you all  ,   
I had a memorable birthday

02 oct 2010

08 oct 2010

 i waked up in the early morning.
i received 999 birthday wishes in FB =)

thanks you.
 went for tuition.....sad X(

  mango fetched nicky & me went to DPC
thanks mango...=)

 we reached there 7.50pm somethings.
we were latest reached there.

many people and all my buddies. =D

start eating.
 my dearest friend _ jia chyi 

 i said : '我入得厨房,出得厅堂'...X)

 she helped me to pick out the prawn shell.
she like to help prawn to pick out their shirt  X)))))

2 table.

can you see me ?
i am HERE . Full Full...

after that, 
jia chyi, nicky , yun kee, sofea & me went for a walk =D

next , TOILET 

After that............................. they gave a suprise.
ugly me.
 kye siang said : iimo's wish is first night faster send out !
* WTF ?!

thanks my buddies.

ya..... u are right.
iimo touched again =D
 luckily finished =D

our class punya F4.

i am the tallest !!!!

i look very cacat.

they called the guys to take photo.
jia yi said : iimo's EXsssss, come !
what the ex little only  lor. =X

 my presentsss.
thanks all my budiesssssssssssssss.

my best friend 1_____nicky Ho Mei Kei

my best friend 2__________white tiger Yun Kee

 my best friend 3___________burger cutie sofea lee.

 my best friend 4 ___________zhong lin & xiuxiu

yoke jing , where are you ?


 2 sakai, they try to say my presents so heavy .

the resit ...o.O
RM 633.05

Second round._____DPC playground.

we so sakai.

play this , play that
shout here , shout there.
run here , run there.

11.00pm elaine joined us.
poser !! poser !!

 kye siang like a SANTA !

 12.00am sweet sweet home.
Thanks my buddies. i had a memorable sweet 16th birthday.

My 16th birthday presents.
At last , thanks you again ! 

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