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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Out of money !

 i opened my wallet yesterday .  

i tok...tok...tok my calculater.
i spend THOUSAND riggit on SEP.


most consume in :

and always OUT .out. OUT.

i will STOP to buy anythings. 
because i'm out of money.


Last time , i sell  my second hand clothes out . 

(in chinese)
dad  : you don't have money use ?
me : no, i'm afraid the wardrobe suddenly explode.
dad : =.=

Then , he said he want buy a new HUGE wardrobe to sis & me.


i remember few visitors .
they ask me : what cosmetics you use to make up ?

hard to say lar wei...
So, today i will show it out. =)
why? because i too free and nothing to do also.


za powder.

the faceshop too

za lip gloss.

silky girl blush.

silky girl eyebrow pen

maybelline mascara. 
(i think everyone know this ?)

elainto eyeliner. 

eyelash tonic.

eye shadow

lip shadow ?

fake eyelash
not only these and also.....

 and SO ON !!

 my rubbish box
full until cannot close =.=

beside it still gt ..

this one
a bit expansive but nice to use.
they call it '化妆水'

i bought this. ...Regret!!!!
if you want to buy. please buy the spray one. 


I 'm poor girl actually !!  :'(

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