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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chinese new year is coming + 1U (:

I went to 1U again , sienzzzzzz .

i like this toy so much .
When u press it's stomach , you will get suprise.

TRY it at JUSCO @ toys area or  toys''R''us Toys Shop. 

Did you bought some new clothes for CNY? (:
i start buying when Christmas Sales start until now. xD
i love flowers dress although there were out-dated.
Pop of 2011 is pot-dot.

 mum  : WOW , XL .
me : aunty , it's ''S'' !!! ASSSSSSSSS ! ==''

Forever 21 .
size : S / P

the P stand for what ? 
Perempuan ? maybe......xD

 or anyone know the correct answer ? (:

 it was a complete heart when i bought it.
after wash , it become ''BROKEN HEART'' . xD

no more i think ?
i rmb i bought a lot, but i forget where i put ==''

oh yea...............this pant. xD

i asked mum to buy a short black pants for me.
 mum :  what size are you ?
me :  the Smallest.  (very LC)

Then , she bought this.
i can wear....NO PROBLEM , but cannot ZIP ==''

21 inch ler !!!!!!!! you know how small it is ???!!
I know i am thin but at least i have 23 or 24 inch  .

mum : stupid , you said smallest mah !!!!
First time , the smallest size not suitable to me ...HAHHHA xD

my mum bought me these. 3 t-shirt.

i like this so much .
It's ORIGINAL Winnie The Pooh by Disney , not pasar malam  .

I saw pasar malam selling many branded clothes , shoes , bags .
Those aunty really believe that they steal out from factory and sell .
LOL. ! see also know those BRANDED are fake . ==''

Respect the Brand .
No brand is better than Fake  :)

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